about face

nj is an unpleasant substance derived through the fermentation of various and sundry legumes.

nj is an amateur musician who plays jazz piano, keyboards, and hand percussion.

nj is a small shellfish that can be found off the coasts of Italy and Madagascar. He is often preyed upon by sea otters and other aquatic mammals.

nj is not Rictus Hep despite appearances to the contrary.

nj is a product designer and engineer at Adobe, currently working on Flex Builder. Prior to Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia, he led the design of Macromedia Contribute, and also did design and engineering for Macromedia Dreamweaver from version 1 through MX.

nj is a philosophy predicated on the notion that all humans are destroyed equal.

nj is married to a lovely and talented magpie, and has a lovely and talented daughter.

nj also likes to read, write, draw, breathe, eat, excrete, sleep, slice, dice, puree, and mince.

nj realizes his website looks like it was designed in 1996, which it was, but whaddaya gonna do.

nj is completely unrelated to New Jersey.

nj's half-full name is Narciso Jaramillo and he can be reached at nj@rictus.com.

all content on these pages is Copyright © 1993-2002 Narciso Jaramillo unless otherwise indicated

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