Julian is a goddamned loser fuck him. He can't do a fucking simple job fucking braindead asshole. Jesus christ. You know what I'd like to see the guy fired kicked out on his ass nowhere to go maybe that would teach him to get a goddamn motherfucking brain.


Goddamn if I can't get a goddamn waiter within half a fucking hour after sitting down at the table in this piece of shit restaurant. Hey you asshole! Take my order. I don't care if you're not my fucking waiter you can go back and kiss his fucking ass for all I care I've been waiting here fucking half a fucking hour and all I want is a fucking cheeseburger and some goddamn curly fries is that simple enough for you to comprehend? Retard!


Summers we would go down to the beach and just lay out in the sun all day. It was like being a rock all you did was just lay out there and be completely inert. We always made fun of Dave because no matter how much sunscreen he'd put on he'd always get sunburn I don't even know why he went out he was such a fucking nerd but I guess he just wanted to hang with us because we were so cool and he was a fucking nobody.


The bus is late again goddammit! Jesus motherfucking christ my boss'll roast my fucking ass and eat it for fucking sunday brunch hey you got a cigarette buddy? No? Fuck you.


Lilac? Yes ma'am I think lilac would be a wonderful color. Or perhaps a peach? Very light very subtle. Now let me see are you an autumn or...

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