demiconversations, side 6

"Hello may I speak with Leon please.
Leon. Ridner.
Brown curly hair glasses kinda medium height you know.
Isn't this 826-6696?
Well Leon should live there that's the number he gave me.
Look that's the number he gave me are you suggesting that he's a liar?
Leon Ridner is one of the most honest people I know and I should know
because I'm a morally virtuous person and I only associate with
morally virtuous people and
Ma'am I mean no disrespect but you are a fucking bitch.
I just want to talk to Leon all right would you please put Leon on?
I've had enough of this just put Leon on now.
I'm not saying another word till you put Leon on no I will not hang up.
Oh never mind Leon just showed up.
And he says his number is 826-6696 so you can just shove it up your ass.
Thank you have a nice day goodbye."

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