sober reflection, he decided that it would be best simply to ignore the
take this away, please." The waiter looked disapprovingly at the large
Don't think you can worm your way out of this one. There's too much
kicked at the fallen leaves, disgusted with myself for even thinking
brutal skyline, imposing, but perhaps comforting too in its solidity.
interest in her waned and waxed--she was talented, yes, and very
find it very disturbing that you can simply turn away from the complex
I waited, but it must have been at least half an hour before the grocer
seems to have turned into a gasping fish, mostly because he can't deal
overnight, but then we'd have to clean up." "Well, it's not as if it
poisonous, swift, graceful, hungry.

Between you and me, I was ready to give up right then and
extremely rude, but perhaps it was merely a miscommunication. The
death was sudden but not unexpected. He was surprised at how well
destroyed my life, and now he's going to destroy my family!" "But
crumbled slowly to the ground, a ballet of cracking rock and breaking
sympathize, but you can't expect me to subsidize your addiction
down. The audience glared at me as one. I had expected no less.
defined by our failures, our agonies, our shortcomings, our tragic
rare, but not unique. I'm certain there must be others like him out
into the fire, regretting it as soon as I'd completed the motion. I
mountains made no response to my futile tirade. Feeling utterly
tires gonna go bald. You best get new ones." "But I just can't afford
Bitch. The word went around and around in my head. A stupid insult,
me with his little hands. I slapped him, not too hard. "Don't you
my reward.

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