go gently
Are you happy about the way things are these days?    
    Well precisely? I mean there's you know poor... poverty and racism and Africa and things.
Well yes but I mean you personally. Do you think you could be doing more or    
    I mean I suppose I could be you know I could be doing more. But I mean I perform a service and it
    Yes well entertainment is in fact a service. I mean people need entertainment. But of course we perform much more than just an entertainment service for our viewers, we perform a real service for our guests as well.
And you don't think    
    Well let's get right down to it people are fascinated by pain, you know people are fascinated by pain and death and things. And I mean pain takes many forms most of which are very messy, I daresay we didn't want people piercing or hanging themselves or vomiting or whatnot, so
A sanitized approach.    
    Well yes that's it exactly you've got it exactly. I mean people are fascinated by pain and death and things but they don't really have the stomach for it and so we thought let's just. You know I mean we have the technology already it's very efficient.
And yet you must admit mustn't you the criticism is valid, I mean in a way it's really a very boring show in that the guests simply walk into the apparatus and that's it there's very little in terms of personal interest or    
    Well no no I don't see it that way at all first of all people watch it don't they. And yes it's true we don't have long sobby profiles of why they came to this or that I think that's rather unrefined melodrama, I mean we get enough of that sort of thing on the evening news. I mean people can be unhappy about the evening news this is more uplifting you know, people taking hold of their lives even if only right at one end as we say. And really we're very egalitarian we take anyone who's feeling a little down or depressed and really make it very easy for them absolutely free. We solve their problems quite simply and they never have to worry again.
And so    
    And that's how you can see we got it right you see the demographics of it have all worked out quite well in the ratings. We didn't want to get you know all the angst-ridden Gloomy Guses all the young people who dress in black and et cetera and who are quite used to this sort of thing and who are really pessimists and nihilists at heart. Rather we really wanted to appeal to the vast mainstream and in fact we are doing very well against the soap operas and talk shows in our weekday early afternoon timeslot. I think because what we do is uplifting really, it's really quite uplifting.
And so you see yourself if I might be permitted a bit of interpretation as really bringing the whole concept to the masses.    
    That's it that's it exactly. Especially you know the ordinary people the housewives and mechanics and whatnot. But ones of a certain sensibility.
Turning now to your earlier projects one might discern a common thread perhaps going back to the "It's Abuse Show" where people insulted and physically abused their old decrepit parents and grandparents. And yet that was in many ways a very different show.    
    Well yes of course my goodness, I haven't thought of that show in years. It was done when I was quite young and was you might say a very crude and unrefined project formed of say a certain rebelliousness which I think lacked legitimacy, it felt perhaps a bit false and artificial. But it did aim for that same catharsis for the viewers yes. But it really was aimed at the young pessimistic generation and what we're doing now is really for the ordinary person though perhaps of a more refined and perhaps sophisticated minimalist sensibility, for the quiet optimist really.
The optimist.    
    Quite right the optimist. One who can take simple pleasure in divesting the world of its unhappy population one simple injection at a time. And you know a world that can do that for its people is really a happier world. And really who could ask for better than that? Is my feeling.
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