things to do in the city
  1. Examine the pavement for signs of stress: a string of aborted relationships, beliefs deeply held without real evidence, a certain twitch twixt cheek and bridge of nose. Become especially attuned to initials carved in neural sidewalks and on doorframes in cardiac alleyways.

  2. Ignore exquisitely mistimed stoplights.

  3. At night, take walks along the edges of intuitions; skip stones into pools of vague metaphor. The only thing to watch out for here are the gibbers--gnat-like insects that are impossible to hear alone, but in swarms of hundreds of thousands produce a mind-shattering din. The gibbers congregate around stale emotions. Dismiss them with a wave of the hand.

  4. When possible, avoid the cabs. But if you have no other alternative, be certain to specify the route exactly. The cabbies are not malicious, but, having been here so long, they rarely know any efficient routes. Like all other residents, they try too hard to second-guess the city's semantic shifts. Only an outsider stands a chance of straightforward navigation.

  5. If the city attempts to eat you, become indigestible.

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