A lesson

Just one moral egg in a soundproof box--
A large square box all done up with locks.
"Please tell me what's in it," Tommy would beg,
And the old man would answer, "Just one moral egg."

And then one night Tommy sneaked up to the box;
carefully, quietly, he picked all the locks;
"Now I won't have to ask and I won't have to beg--
I'll know if it's really just one moral egg."

Now one moral egg is a wonderful thing!
You can talk with it, dance with it, play with it, sing.
You can hide it in cabbage, you can stuff it in socks,
You can spread it on bagels and eat it with lox.

So carefully, quietly, he opened the lid
And saw what it was that the box REALLY hid!
But then there was no time to scream or to shout--
For the old man's sharp knife came and gouged his heart out.

With a cackle, a snort and a gleam in his eye,
The old man skinned Tommy and left him to dry.
He hung Tommy's skull on a wooden clothes-peg,
And into the box went just one more leg.

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