--Danny? Where are you?
--I'm right over here.
--I can't see you. It's pitch black.
--What are you talking about? Can't you see my flashlight?
--It's on.
--I can't see anything!
--Maybe you've gone blind.
--Look up. Do you see stars?
--Yes, a few. How could I be blind?
--Maybe you don't really see the stars. Maybe your mind is just making them up.
--Don't say that!
--I think you're blind. You'd better stop walking, you might run into something.
--I'm not blind. I'm not blind!
Where are you?
--Right in front of you. Can't you see me? I'm shining my flashlight right in your face.
--I don't see you! I don't see anything!
--Blind as a bat.
--Don't say that!
--Blind as a bat.
--Don't say that!
--Blind as a bat! Blind as a bat! Blind as a bat!
--Oh God...something just stabbed me...
--Sorry, I can't help you. I'm miles away from you. Can't you see?
--Stop, Danny, just stop...please...
--I'm miles away. I'm miles away.
Blind as a fucking bat, after all these years. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
Good luck in the forest, Billy. I'm turning off my flashlight now.
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