a love poem

where is the worm to end all worms?
i covered myself with maggots and leeches,
but even grey nightcrawlers failed to express
the tiniest shivers of you.

where is the eye to end all eyes?
i blinded myself with the heat and the light,
but my mind still held burnt afterimages
of the tiniest daggers of you.

where is the meat to end all meat?
i gorged myself on the richness of blood,
but its red rivulets simply could not compare
to the tiniest rawness of you.

where is the sky to end all skies?
i shattered the air with cries of pain,
but not one fragment correctly reflects
the tiniest slivers of you.

© 1997-2001 Narciso Jaramillo first person | dyslexikon | nj's face