on the role of toxic waste in our society

Toxic waste, once a subject not to be discussed in polite company, has made major inroads into mainstream America. In 1940, a Gallup Poll showed that 63% of Americans did not know what toxic waste was, and 87% were unable to correctly identify toxic waste from among a group of objects presented to them. By 1990 the numbers had dropped drastically, to 22% and 31% respectively, showing that toxic waste-related educational programs had successfully increased awareness of toxic waste among our nation's youth. Public appreciation of toxic waste reached an all-time high in 1992, when Time Magazine voted toxic waste "Man of the Year". Now new technology is making toxic waste more affordable than ever, and various portable, digital, and interactive forms of toxic waste are just around the corner. Toxic waste wants to be your housemate, your companion, your friend. Accept it into your life.

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