Under the bridge
-- Under the bridge eating at the concrete supports! Look at that guy he's trying to eat them. He's not getting very far he's trying to make the bridge collapse who knows why but he's obsessed clearly. Look his teeth are gone he must've been doing this for days. His gums bleeding all over the concrete can you get a picture of that? We really ought to stop him don't you think? Maybe I should tell him to stop.
Hey mister!
Hey! You!
You're hurting yourself you should stop what are you doing?
We're taking pictures you know if you won't stop we'll stop you. You can't make the bridge collapse people wouldn't be able to get to work. Besides it would just collapse on you anyway and then where would you be.
Your teeth are ruined didn't you notice?
Hey are you listening to me? We got pictures I said!

-- Maybe he's deaf.

-- I dunno did you take the pictures? I hope they come out okay. Deaf huh I know a little sign language let's see S-T-O-P wait he's not looking over here.

-- You'd better go down and tap him on the shoulder if you want his attention.

-- Go down and touch him. Huh maybe I guess. I dunno hey! Hey you! Hey! Look you're gonna tear your mouth up if you don't stop!
Look are you crazy or what? Hey!
Ah what's the use.

-- Maybe we should just go down and pull him off. Or call the cops. We got the pictures here shit the roll's almost out but anyway I got a few.

-- Yeah look at all the blood did you get the blood?

-- I got the blood it's an autofocus camera point and shoot the blood should show up fine.
So ah maybe should we go down there and pull him off? Or call the cops?

-- Maybe. Pull him off...go down there...maybe we should...
Nah what's the use.
What the hell.
A guy like that, what the hell can you do...
Fucking crazy.
What's the use.
C'mon let's go.
Oh well we got the pictures anyway.
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