October 2006

Somehow I missed the announcement, but the Flash Player 9 beta for Linux is now available on Adobe labs. If you’re a Linux user/developer, don’t forget that you can develop Flash applications today using the free Flex SDK, which runs on Linux.

I’m going to be at MAX in Las Vegas next week—I’m not speaking, but will be hanging out with the Flex folks (and hopefully playing some poker). If you see me there (my badge has my full name, “Narciso Jaramillo”), say hello!

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The Flex team has started posting some free components on the Adobe Flex Exchange. The first one up is an auto-completing text input component. I haven’t looked at it yet, but it looks like it works the same way as a normal TextInput, with the addition of a dataProvider property that you can set to give it the list of possible completions. You can also specify a custom filter function that lets you implement other kinds of matching against the completion list (the default is to find entries with the user’s typed string as a prefix). Check it out!

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