April 2008

Normally I don’t like to spend a lot of time just posting links to other people’s blog posts, but since MXNA is down, I wanted to point out Rob Adams’s excellent blog post about the paper prototype studies we’ve been doing on Thermo’s UI. His post has a lot of great tips on how to effectively set up a paper study.

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It’s been busy here in Thermo-land, as we work furiously (no really! we’re furious people!) to turn our vision into reality. I have a fun side project that I’m going to post about in a little bit once I get a few bugs worked out. In the meantime, here’s a video interview that Ryan Stewart, Thermo evangelist extraordinaire, did with me about designer/developer workflow in Thermo and Flex 4. It was our first video, so it’s a little blurry and off-center, but just pretend it’s artsy and edgy and you’ll be fine. (We did edit out the part where the siren went off when someone went out the wrong door in the cafeteria.)

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