June 2008

There’s a new test build of Snackr, v0.35, up on Google Code. This version adds much better support for non-Western language feeds (in particular, feeds with encodings other than UTF-8). If you had trouble with Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, or other languages in previous versions of Snackr, please check this version out and let me know if it works for you.

This version also adds a much-requested feature: the ability to only show items within the last N hours (in previous versions, you could only set this to a number of days). To set this, just go to the Preferences tab of the Options popup, go to “Don’t show items older than”, type the number of hours you want, and choose “hours” instead of “days” from the dropdown.

Finally, this should fix a major bug I introduced in v0.34, where the ticker would permanently freeze after collapsing and re-expanding it in some situations. If you saw this bug before, please let me know if you still see it in this version.

As always, you can leave bug reports/feature requests in comments here, send me email, or file them in the Google Code issue tracker. Thanks!

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I’m starting to post interim test builds of Snackr on Google Code for people to try out. Since I don’t have a QA staff, I’d like brave souls to try them out before I put them up as official releases. They won’t be pushed out through autoupdate, so you’ll need to download them manually.

The first test build, 0.34 TEST, has a few new features and a number of bug fixes. (Sorry, Google Reader integration isn’t in yet, but we’re working on it!) The new features are:

  • Implemented ability to “star” items so you can read them later. Click the star icon in the item popup to star an item, then read starred items by clicking the star icon in the ticker tab.
  • Added option to configure feed fetch interval globally. This is at the bottom of the Feeds tab in the Options popup. You can also force all feeds to get refreshed here.
  • Added option to set transparency of ticker window. This is in the Preferences tab of the Options popup.

The list of bugfixes is detailed in the release notes on the wiki at Google Code. Before installing a test build, you might want to back up your feed database.

If you find any problems, or have thoughts on the new features, please file a bug and note which version you found the bug in. Thanks!

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The flood of Snackr downloads has finally slowed down to about 150 a day. Over 13,000 people have downloaded it so far; it looks like maybe about 500-600 people are running it daily–not bad for a little side project 🙂

Various people have requested the source code, so I’ve decided to host it on Google Code at http://snackr.googlecode.com/. You can file bugs/enhancement requests on the Issues tab there (the issues and wish list items from snackr.net have been migrated there), and check out the source anonymously using Subversion (instructions are on the Source tab).

The source is currently in an interim state–there are a couple of half-implemented features (the ability to “star” items to read later, and the Google Reader integration that Rob is working on)–but you should be able to run what’s there (the GR stuff isn’t hooked up at all to the UI yet, and the “star” functionality works but the UI is slightly broken). I’m planning to post interim test builds there once in awhile as well.

The source also probably isn’t the prettiest code ever :), and I haven’t finished commenting it, but I’m hoping to continue cleaning it up and refactoring over time. Feel free to check it out, and let me know if you have suggestions–or, better yet, patches you’d like to submit!

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