I’m starting to post interim test builds of Snackr on Google Code for people to try out. Since I don’t have a QA staff, I’d like brave souls to try them out before I put them up as official releases. They won’t be pushed out through autoupdate, so you’ll need to download them manually.

The first test build, 0.34 TEST, has a few new features and a number of bug fixes. (Sorry, Google Reader integration isn’t in yet, but we’re working on it!) The new features are:

  • Implemented ability to “star” items so you can read them later. Click the star icon in the item popup to star an item, then read starred items by clicking the star icon in the ticker tab.
  • Added option to configure feed fetch interval globally. This is at the bottom of the Feeds tab in the Options popup. You can also force all feeds to get refreshed here.
  • Added option to set transparency of ticker window. This is in the Preferences tab of the Options popup.

The list of bugfixes is detailed in the release notes on the wiki at Google Code. Before installing a test build, you might want to back up your feed database.

If you find any problems, or have thoughts on the new features, please file a bug and note which version you found the bug in. Thanks!

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