There’s a new test build of Snackr, v0.35, up on Google Code. This version adds much better support for non-Western language feeds (in particular, feeds with encodings other than UTF-8). If you had trouble with Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, or other languages in previous versions of Snackr, please check this version out and let me know if it works for you.

This version also adds a much-requested feature: the ability to only show items within the last N hours (in previous versions, you could only set this to a number of days). To set this, just go to the Preferences tab of the Options popup, go to “Don’t show items older than”, type the number of hours you want, and choose “hours” instead of “days” from the dropdown.

Finally, this should fix a major bug I introduced in v0.34, where the ticker would permanently freeze after collapsing and re-expanding it in some situations. If you saw this bug before, please let me know if you still see it in this version.

As always, you can leave bug reports/feature requests in comments here, send me email, or file them in the Google Code issue tracker. Thanks!

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