It looks like we’ve had over 20,000 downloads of Snackr so far, which is pretty amazing to me. I suspect the number of regular users is much lower–taking a look at my server logs, it’s probably on the order of a thousand or so–but still, not bad for a little side project!

It’s been awhile since the last test build, but hopefully the new one is worth the wait–thanks to Rob Adams, Snackr v0.38 TEST has an early version of Google Reader integration! If you hook up Snackr to Google Reader, your feed list and read items will be synchronized both ways between the two.

Even if you don’t normally use Google Reader, if you use Snackr on multiple computers (e.g. home and work), it’s handy to sync all of them to Google Reader, so all your feed lists and read items stay in sync across your machines (that’s actually mostly what I use the integration for).

To set up the integration, just go to the Options popup and click on the Google Reader tab, check the checkbox, and enter your Google Reader username and password. You’ll get an option to choose whether you want to use Reader’s feed list or Snackr’s, or merge the two. Once you connect, if you have a lot of feeds in Reader, the ticker might stutter a bit as everything gets synchronized (we hope to improve this in future versions), but after a couple minutes it should clear up.

One important thing to note is that because the feed lists are synchronized, if you delete a feed in Snackr, it will be deleted in Google Reader. We’re hoping to make this optional in the future (so you can choose when deleting a feed in Snackr whether to also delete it in Reader), but for now be aware of this behavior.

Another new feature in this version is a set of helpful tools in the item popup, letting you email the item, post it to, and more. I’m planning to make this extensible in the future, so you can add new tools from the Options popup.

As usual, because this is an early test build, there may be bugs lurking. So:

  1. Back up your Snackr database AND your Google Reader feed list first!
  2. Read the release notes
  3. Download the v0.38 build!

And, of course, send us feedback! You can post bugs/feature requests in the issues list, comment here, or send me email. Enjoy!

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