November 2008

Adobe AIR was just updated to 1.5 recently, and it seems to have fixed at least one long-standing Snackr bug–items should now open in tabs in Firefox rather than in new windows if you have that preference set in Firefox. However, I’ve been getting some reports from Mac users that Snackr crashes under AIR 1.5 when opening feed items. I can’t reproduce it on my own MacBook and MacBook Pro with OS X 10.5.5, so I’m wondering how many other folks are seeing this. Please comment if:

  • you’re seeing crashes with Snackr under AIR 1.5, or
  • you’re on a MacBook, have AIR 1.5, and are not seeing crashes.

If you are seeing crashes, please post the URL of a feed whose items are causing crashes. (I don’t think the problem is feed-specific, but it’s probably good to check.)


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I haven’t had much time to post to this blog (or work on Snackr) because our team has been really busy getting ready to show off an early version of Thermo at MAX 2008. In fact, we’re doing better than showing it–we’re also going to give a very early preview release to MAX attendees!

If you’re going to MAX, and you want to be one of the first to get your hands on it, you should sign up for the Introduction to Thermo session, where we’ll be giving out the first DVDs. The first session is full, but there’s some room left in the 5-6 pm session.

This MAX preview version is going to be Mac-only, and only available to MAX attendees. If you’re on Windows or can’t make it to MAX, don’t despair–watch this space for more info.

I’ll also be running a hands-on lab at MAX where I’ll walk attendees through using the Thermo preview build to turn an imported Photoshop comp into a working interactive design. I think the lab sessions are already full, but give it a shot if you’re interested.

Hope to see you at MAX! (And hopefully after MAX I can get back to working on Snackr…)

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