Adobe AIR was just updated to 1.5 recently, and it seems to have fixed at least one long-standing Snackr bug–items should now open in tabs in Firefox rather than in new windows if you have that preference set in Firefox. However, I’ve been getting some reports from Mac users that Snackr crashes under AIR 1.5 when opening feed items. I can’t reproduce it on my own MacBook and MacBook Pro with OS X 10.5.5, so I’m wondering how many other folks are seeing this. Please comment if:

  • you’re seeing crashes with Snackr under AIR 1.5, or
  • you’re on a MacBook, have AIR 1.5, and are not seeing crashes.

If you are seeing crashes, please post the URL of a feed whose items are causing crashes. (I don’t think the problem is feed-specific, but it’s probably good to check.)


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