December 2008

After a long hiatus, I’ve just posted a new test build of Snackr, 0.39. There are just a few new features and bugfixes in this release (see the release notes), including the much-requested option to remove Snackr from the taskbar on Windows. However, I’d like to promote this to an official build that gets pushed out to all Snackr users through autoupdate.

So, please back up your database and feed list, download v0.39 TEST and check it out! As always, you can leave comments here on issues that you find, file them at the issue tracker on Google Code, or send me email.

Also, I’m thinking of instituting an “official” beta program for Snackr. The requirements for participation are low:

  • be willing to get announcement emails every so often
  • download new test builds as they come out and use them for a few days
  • answer a quick survey on each build saying how well the build is working for you

If you’re interested, please fill out the beta signup form. Thanks!

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I’ve been getting a number of reports of people not seeing images in item popups after upgrading to AIR 1.5. It seems possible that this is only an issue with the original “official” build of Snackr (0.33). If you’re seeing this problem, and you’re running 0.33, please try upgrading to the 0.38 build. If you are seeing the problem under 0.38, please let me know.

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I found one possible reason for Snackr crashing on the Mac: it seems that if CoolIris for Safari is installed, it interferes with Snackr/AIR (specifically, the input manager it installs seems to cause the problem). Try uninstalling the plugin (in Safari, do View > Remove CoolIris) and see if that fixes the problem with Snackr.

Not sure this is a bug I can fix in Snackr; it seems to be some interaction between the input manager and AIR. I might just have to note that Snackr is incompatible with Safari CoolIris. (CoolIris for Firefox seems to work fine.)

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It’s official–Thermo is now Flash Catalyst! Ryan Stewart and I did a demo of the current (very early) build of Flash Catalyst at the day 2 keynote at MAX, and we also made a video of the same demo for this month’s issue of the Adobe Edge newsletter, which just came out today. Julie Campagna and the Edge production team did a great job putting the video together–check it out!

(By the way, I just noticed that when I introduced the ecotours comp in this video, I said “I created this design in Adobe Photoshop”. That’s demo-ese for “I’m pretending to be the visual designer in this workflow”; the comp was actually designed by the folks at Gotomedia, who also created a lot of the other assets we used in the day 2 keynote–thanks guys!)

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