It’s been quite awhile since I last posted, but I’ve been keeping busy. Now that we’ve released Flash Catalyst CS5, I’ve shifted my focus to helping lead the team working on mobile application development features in Flex and Flash Builder. Last night we posted the public announcement of the next version of Flex, code-named “Hero”, which will include the first version of our mobile development features.

If you’ve been following Flex over the last year or so, you might have heard of a related effort, code-named “Slider”, which was going to be a separate version of the framework that would be specifically optimized for mobile devices. What we’ve found over the past year is that vast improvements in Flash and AIR runtime performance on mobile devices, as well as the rapidly increasing power of modern touchscreen smartphones, have made it unnecessary for us to split off a separate framework. So going forward, we’ll have a unified framework for both desktop and mobile development, and “Hero” will be the first fruit of this approach.

For a good overview of our plans for mobile development, take a look at the Flex and Mobile whitepaper, FAQ, and Adobe Labs page. We’ve also started to post draft specs for the mobile features (as well as the rest of Hero) to the Flex Open Source site, and we’ll be rolling out more over time.

I’m excited that we’ve started talking about our mobile Flex efforts publicly, and look forward to revealing more over the next few months. Watch this space!

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