Adobe MAX 2010 is now just a month away, and we’re starting to prepare for a bunch of sessions where we’ll be talking about mobile development using “Hero”, the next version of the Flex SDK.

Because this is my blog, I’ll flog my own session first: I’ll be running a “Bring Your Own Laptop” (BYOL) lab on Building Mobile Flex Applications. The way these labs work is that you, er, bring your own laptop, and we give you bits to install on it for the session. Also, if you have an Android 2.2 phone, bring it (and the phone’s USB cable) along too–though that’s not required for this lab.

Glenn Ruehle and Chiedo Acholonu from the Flex Mobile team will be presenting Deep Dive into Mobile Development with the Flex SDK, which will go into detail about the mobile development features we’re adding in “Hero”, and how to optimize your development process as well as your applications when building across multiple screens.

Ryan Frishberg, another engineer on Flex Mobile, will be presenting a session on Performance Tips and Tricks for Flex and Flash Development. This session will discuss optimizing both desktop and mobile applications, and describe common performance problems that developers of every level can encounter when building Flex and Flash applications.

Evangelist Christophe Coenraets will be presenting both a session and a BYOL lab on building data-driven mobile applications with Flex “Hero” and AIR for Android. His sessions will be focused more on the data connectivity side rather than the basics of mobile application and UI development.

And from outside the building, we have RJ Owen and Juan Sanchez from EffectiveUI presenting Screens of Possibility: Pushing Multiscreen Experiences with Spark and Flex, discussing their experiences designing and developing on desktop and mobile devices. I can’t reveal details of the app they’ll be showing off in this session, but I’ve seen some early comps and I think it’s going to be very cool.

Of course, there’s going to be plenty more at MAX about mobile development, Flex, and AIR; check out the MAX Session Catalog for the complete list. Hope to see you there!

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