Thanks to all of you who attended my 360|Flex talk on building adaptive mobile UIs that work well across different device densities, form factors, and platforms. My slides are now available in two forms:

I actually recommend looking at the PDF (which has annotations for most non-textual slides describing what I talked about on each slide) first, because the PPT uses an Adobe corporate font that you might not have, so the text might not look right. However, a couple of the diagrammatic slides make more sense if you actually go through the animation builds in the PPT.

Also, since I suck at this whole “social media” thing, I forgot to mention that I’m @rictus on Twitter–feel free to follow me there; I don’t post a lot, but do pop up there occasionally.

I’m still working on cleaning up the sample app from the top and fixing a few bugs–once it’s ready (hopefully within the next week) I’ll post a link to the source here as well.


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