njI’m Narciso (nj) Jaramillo, and this is my work-related blog. (I was going to call this my “professional” blog, but given the way I blather it’s likely to get moderately unprofessional at times.)

I’m currently a product manager/designer/engineer for design and development tools in the Adobe Flex product line. Flex lets you build Web applications with rich UIs that run in the Flash Player. I’ve helped lead both the Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst teams, and am now focused on enabling mobile development in Flex and Flash Builder.

Before working on Flex, I led the design and UI implementation of Contribute, an easy-to-use Web content editor for non-technical users.

I started at Macromedia in 1997 working on Dreamweaver 1, and helped lead design and development for several versions, as well as contributing to the design of the cross-product Macromedia UI. Dreamweaver features you can blame me for include:

  • Roundtrip HTML
  • Find and Replace
  • Quick Tag Editor
  • Layout View

Outside of work, I play jazz piano, poker, go, and too many video games. I also take way too many pictures of my daughter.

My hair varies in length from time to time.

Photo credit: Jack Herrington

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