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Somehow I missed the announcement, but the Flash Player 9 beta for Linux is now available on Adobe labs. If you’re a Linux user/developer, don’t forget that you can develop Flash applications today using the free Flex SDK, which runs on Linux.

I’m going to be at MAX in Las Vegas next week—I’m not speaking, but will be hanging out with the Flex folks (and hopefully playing some poker). If you see me there (my badge has my full name, “Narciso Jaramillo”), say hello!

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While rooting around on some backup disks last night, I ran into a bunch of stuff from when I was first working on Dreamweaver. In addition to an early build of Dreamweaver 2 (which I can’t seem to launch on a modern machine), I found some old internal splash screens made by various people on the team (many of whom are still around, working on Flex and Flash as well as Dreamweaver).

These splash screens were generally only visible in internal builds, but a couple of them showed up in betas. One of the ones I made ended up being the one we shipped with the first private beta of Dreamweaver 1, sometime in the fall of 1997:

Now that takes me back.

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This is my shiny, new, and entirely generic-looking work-related blog. I’m planning to mostly post about Flex design and development techniques, but when I’m feeling pretentious I might blather on about more general topics as well. And maybe, just maybe, someday, somehow, I’ll actually customize this damn thing.


(By the way, I may be fiddling with different themes over the next few days, so apologies for any disorientation you may experience if the blog looks completely different the next time you visit.)

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