a(scent) b(roken) c(onstant) i in innocent is offerings so tired you

                                                  so tired
                           so tired         tired of
     in                    of                     in ascent
     so tired        constant        tired  you're
     in ascent   so           tired                  ascent
     in constant             tiring  of              i'm
   once enough   in        constant                  ascent
   once a            offerings       twice  tired so broken
        you're                twice  tired        so constant
   once                    constant               so
  twice          so          ascent                  broken
                                     tired           offerings
                 so                  tired  b
                     broken                          then
                 once                                again
  tired          so               c  tired  of       you're      so
  of             so                  constant                    goddamn
                                     broken                      innocent
                                                                 in ascent 

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