dyslexikon: word absurdities

  artistic lice
    a(scent) b(roken) c(onstant)
  the birth of a new joke
"Complaining About the Telephone Service" in the style of...
  the crux of the matter
  The Curmudgeon's Abecedarium
a death in the family
  entranced entrance to enlightenment
  Re: Female Orgasm
  heebie jeeb
  in the near future
it's a bird it's a plane
  A lesson
  lime ricky
  News about the word `bemoan'
non-pool lament
  Obscure katas #21
  of note
  on the role of toxic waste in our society
planting vision is no fun
  Quaint Iddish Mythological Poems in Translation #12
  Self portrait
  upon waking up in my head
utensile tension
  very NATURAL

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