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5/2003 And, in yet another bout of insufferable trendiness, I now also have a fotolog, to show off fotos from my new Canon EOS 10D.


Since I'm always approximately 2.5 years behind the times, I now have a blog.




Info on March and April Triad gigs at the Triad web page.




New iddish poem: Flower [Bozsn]


I've been working on a new product for the last year and a half. It's called Macromedia Contribute, and it's an easy way for anyone to make content updates to websites. Check it out!


Okay, here's something new: I'm playing piano in a jazz trio called Triad.  We actually have gigs and stuff in Berkeley coming up in October--check out our website!


I can't believe I haven't put up anything new in a year.


Put up photos from our trip to Seattle with my dad.


Added a few more photos of Fizgig, and finally put up photos of Lance & Francine's wedding.


Added photos from Bryan & Shannon's wedding in Ireland--still need to put up photos from the rest of our trip.


Added a bunch of photos from Hawaii. It was a work trip, so you can see some of my cow orkers in them.


Added a few photos to the eyecandy photos page. Have a ton of other photos I've been intending to put up...hopefully they'll trickle onto the site over the next few weeks.

(What's that you say? How about some real new content? Bite me. Oh yeah, and Dreamweaver 4 is out. Funny how this "what's new on my web site" page is mostly a list of advertisements for new versions of Dreamweaver.)

(Okay, so how about redesigning the site so it actually looks like it was made at some point after, say, 1997? Like, say, using Verdana? Bite me again. For some reason, I'm reluctant to redesign the site without putting up a significant amount of actual new content--about which see parenthesized comment 1 above. Otherwise, it feels like I'm just dressing up the same old crap in moderately new clothes. On the other hand, at least it would be better-dressed old crap.)


Added a few photos to the people photos page.


Took the first fatal step: put up pictures of our new dog.


New story in dyslexikon: the valley


Added more nature photos.


I got a new toy: a Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera. Check out my new photo page!


Added search, provided by Why? Who knows? Besides, I know someone who works there.


Dreamweaver 3 is out. This is a clue as to why I've only updated this site once since Dreamweaver 2 came out.


New iddish poem: meeting line


Dreamweaver 2 is out. You want it.


New drawings: back -- big woman -- thinker


New post-it stories: streetlights -- ants
New stories in dyslexikon: daughters -- capital D


New section: iddish poems in translation


New stories in dyslexikon: newroses -- pro-lifeform


New shameless plug: Check out Dreamweaver, the project I'm working on at Macromedia. It's a visual web authoring tool for serious professionals. It will rule the universe, so you might as well give in. And it runs on both Windows and Mac. Download the beta!


New section: burning man


New post-it stories: thoughts -- redemption
New stories in dyslexikon: franz kafka's trivia challenge -- go gently


New post-it story: brains
New rictus heps: values -- movie -- manual
Added up-arrows to all rictus heps, so you can escape prematurely


New post-it story: hermit
New origami in viz: raccoon
Changed all post-its to GIFs in order to reduce size.
Wrapped index pages in fixed-width tables to improve display in maximized browser windows
Added ALT tags in some places; still need to add more. Briefly flirted with putting ALT tags on each post-it, but didn't like the fact that they would show up in Netscape in advance of loading the actual image.


Redesigned everything. Much content is new. dyslexikon has the most old content, but a lot has been thrown away and the rest reformatted. 

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